93rd Entry  R.A.F.Halton


                                           The Window Dedication


          The 93rd Entry Window was dedicated at St. George's church R.A.F. Halton on the

           27th July 2003. The service was performed by Reverend Adrian Gatrill and attended

           by 21 apprentices and many family members.

           We shared the service with apprentices from the 63rd Entry.



          The Window was designed manufactured and installed by Reg Pritchard of the 52nd Entry


          The 93rd Entry Commemorative Window is made up of four panels.

          The top panel incorporates the entry shield which was designed by Mick Robson (Whom

          we have no contact) during 1962. The Latin phrase "OPTIMUS QUISQUE" printed on the

          banner at the lower part of the shield, translates as "EACH ONE THE BEST".

          The two prominent aircraft of the era were the Lightening and the Vulcan on which many of

          the entry subsequently worked as aircraft fitters, crew chiefs and aircrew.

          The weather symbols, the sun and the cloud in the Lightening's panel are included for two

          reasons, Autumn 1959 was hot and dry and the winter of 1962 very severe. Secondly the

          symbols are placed to show the Lightening flying through the weather thus acknowledging

          the aircrafts primary role as an all-weather interceptor.

          The Latin "OPTIMUS QUISQUE" is again presented under the 93 in the Vulcan panel to

          which it applies equally.




                     D.Carroll D.Williams D.Measures  D.Wicks  C.Penton  B.Smart          P.Dickinson C.Ferrier C.Joyner R.Evans C.Powley J.Martin

                               D.Gash I.Maxey K.Dance P.Barnard D.Emmett                                          R.Woodworth P.Mitchell M.Clayton N.Ward



                The Commemorative Window was funded by donations received from the following members

                of the 93rd Entry:

               N.Ashley P.Barnard M.Barter P.Brown R.Buckland P.Bull D.Carroll M.Clayton G.Cowan

               K.Dance K.Davis B.DeLaMare D.P.Dickinson J.Donelly D.Emmett R.Evans C.Ferrier

               R.Gallagher A.Garland D.Gash P.Holguette T.Hughes J.Hygate C.Joyner K.Knight R.Lane

               A.Lark A.Lazell J.Martin I.Maxey I.McKay D.Measures P.Mitchell S.Molly R.Morrison

               P.Osmond M.Peat C.Penton N.PhilipG.Philpotts M.Powley P.Quinlan S.K.Reynolds T.Rowe

               A.Slater B.Smart E.Sowells J.Starr B.Stevens J.Taylor E.Thompson M.Tinson G.Tulloch

               N.Ward R.Whitling D.Wicks C.Wilcox A.Wilkinson D.Williams B.Winter R.Woodworth



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