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                                                                        40th Reunion Dinner


                                         The 40th anniversary of our graduation dinner took place at the  Bellhouse       Hotel, Beaconsfield on Friday 2nd August 2002.  The event was arranged by Colin Ferrier and Dennis Williams. There were 57  93rders and 46 guests present.

                                 Apologies were received from the following: Ron Laidler, Trevor Rowe, Dave Haydon, Gordon Rayfield, Nigel Ashley, Graham Gardener, Pete Quinlan, John Hygate, Ron Morrison, Mathew Avons, Trevor Hughes, Norrie Phillip, John Jefford,  Mick Brosnan, Pete Martin, Brian de la Mare, Andy Andrews, John Wray, Tony Garland, Barry Brown.

Unfortunately I will not be attending the reunion,but at the appropriate hour I will be drinking a silent toast to all of us.Please pass on my sincerest best wishes to everyone and accept my apologies .Since I have been  living in South Africa for a quarter of a Century this is now my home and I would feel like a fish out of water in the UK .
Joe O'Neill

                                        Ginge Knight piped us into the dinning hall and provided the cabaret after dinner.




                                     Before dinner Colin Ferrier made a welcoming speech and between courses Dennis Williams said a few words about the reunion whilst Ian Maxey reminded us of some of the Entry's more memorable moments. A toast was made to those who were unable to attend and to those who are no longer with us. Finally Ian McKay the last serving member proposed the Loyal Toast.

                                     During the meal many old friendships were renewed and innumerable memories relived. The party continued until 4 a.m. but true to all apprentice training all made breakfast. On Saturday morning we were entertained at Halton House, given a tour and an excellent history of the building. This was followed by a visit to the Apprentice Museum on Henderson Parade Square, the former boxing gymnasium.  To complete the morning we assembled at Saint Georges Church where Min Larkin from the R.A.F.H.A.A.A. had a memorabilia stall. We were given a briefing on the procedure to have an Entry window added to the church. Colin Ferrier and Dennis Williams have volunteered to act as our representatives and to organise the collection of donations, you will be contacted soon.



                                           Carole and Clive Penton  Jenny and Ian Maxey outside the Museum


    George Tulloch     Rod and Gill Woodworth                               Paul and Diane Dickinson         Tony Lark



                            Dennis Williams                                  Ray Evans   Gill and Rod Woodworth   Dennis Williams



                Chris Wilkinson and Peewee Brown                                                           Colin Ferrier


            Sue Baker   John Fowlie   Vivian Davies                                  George Tulloch and Phil Mitchell     



                     Wendy and Ian McKay                                                        Madeline and Mike Tinson



             Paddy Cowan and Shaun Molloy                                                     Anne and Reg Buckland


                                          Rita Martin                Phil Mitchell                George Tulloch


                                Diane Dickinson   Tony Lark     Tony's Daughter    John Martin




                       Finally Dennis Williams has a number of souvenir Ballpoint Pens at 1 and a few Whiskey miniatures at 3.50 including postage and       

                   packaging left, please contact him direct.    

                   Please contact me if you can fill any gaps or can correct any mistakes I have made on any of the webpages.



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