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                                                                                                                        Reunion 2007


                             The 45th year after graduation reunion was held on the 17th May 2007 at The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight R.A.F. Conninsby.

                        We had a very informative guided tour of the museum; and an interesting talk with serving fitters who could not believe that these grey

                        haired spectators were all once J/T's. After leaving the museum we gathered at The Petwood Hotel Woodhall Spa for lunch and a look

                        at the many 617 Squadron artefacts.




                                                                                                                   In the grounds of The Petwood Hotel


                            From Woodhall Spa we travelled to Retford where we stayed at the West Retford Hotel. Following pre dinner drinks we had an excellent meal.

                       Once again Ginge Knight gave us a recycle of Halton tunes on the bagpipes. This was followed by each member telling their life story after

                       leaving Halton. Friday morning those with energy left, attacked the roads of Lincolnshire to visit East Kirby and Lancaster "Just Jane" and the

                       other exhibits of the Panton brothers.

                            Finally we must thank Dennis Williams for organising the event and John Hygate for the photographs.



                                                                                             Pamela and Ginge Knight  Gwen and Pete Holguette   Norrie and Louise Philip 




                                                                   Ilga and Trevor Hughes   Nev and Jane Ward   Phil Mitchell   Jo and George Tulloch   Paul and Yvonne Dickinson



                                                               Rita and  John Martin    Carole and Clive Penton   Chris Wilcox    Angela and Mike Clayton   Janet and Dennis Williams




                                                                                                                     Ginge Knight not quite at  FL 500



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