93rd Entry  R.A.F.Halton

                                                                                      Rogues Gallery

             Photos of then and now are most welcome. I can scan originals and handle emailed ones.  



                                   Webmaster John 1961                                                                                  Webmaster John 1990





                                                     John Martin   Chunky Rayfield  Brian Routledge  Mo Morris  Mike Oliver Phil Mitchell  Pete Quinlan  Dave Lee    

                                                                                Stuart Reid   Nick Webb  Ted Thompson   Ian North  Clive Penton  Ian Maxey

                                                                               Airframes Mostly Room 4   3Wing



                                                                   Nick Webb   Stuart Reid   Jock Parker   Robbie Robson   John Martin   Brian Routledge

                                                                                  Summer Camp  May 1961








                                                      I. Mckay R.Alderton P.Derviller R.Marshall K.Bartram

                                                                               K.Dance R.Fryer                    



                         A Flight Summer Camp 1                                                                              A Flight Summer Camp 2



                                                                                  ?     Nev Ward Summer Camp 3


                                                                                  Paddy Marriot   John Hygate   Norrie Philip

                                                                                           Charlie Gregor  Chris Perkins 


                                   E.Gifford  K.Dance  M.Doidge                                             Gunner J.Smeed   Pilot K.Hipperson  Wingman D.Hillier

                                      I.Gibson I.Maxey D.Jessop



                                                                   Tom Ford early flying lesson                                                                      Farnborough Air Show



                                                  A Flight  Xmas Party 1960                                                                                                  A Flight Room 6 1962



                                     A Flight American Football                                                     A Flight American Football 2




                                                                            Hockey Competition December 1961               




                                                                              John Starr (Twinkle)                                                                                                                                                                                       



                                  ?        ? G.Booth   Joe O'Neil  B.Sparling                                                    D.Gash  B.Sparling  G.Mossop   Joe O'Neil     




                           Pancho Rodenhurst   Ray Willie  Johnny Appleyard  Geoff Mossop                                   Ray Willie  



                                   Paddy Cowan   Ray Willie  Pooch Laidler               Ian Pearson  ?  Ray Willie  Johnny Appleyard  Mick Howarth  Mick Reynolds

                                                                                                                  Tony Lazell Shaun Molloy  Colin Ferrier  Mitch Clayton  Doug Carroll



                                                                                 Taff Tame holding the BK Trophy 1962


                               C Flight  Sgt. Price                                                                                            C Flight Room 6


                                                          C Flight Room 6                                                                                                  C Flight Room 6


                                                                                                                           Annual Hill Climb                                                           



                                                                                    Ready to go on Parade



                               Alan Dossett                                 Dick Morris                                   Geoff Marples                                Peter Heap                    


                                          John Luxton                                            John Holtby                                                        Sid Elvins



                                                  Ron Morrison     Jeff Marples     Pete Quinlan        Phil Mitchell    Pete Ward  

                                                  Bob Sadler         Taff Tame        Phil Sharp           Mick Robson          ?

                                                  Dave Lee           Ian Maxey        Clive Penton       Rick Lloyd        Mike Oliver



                                                  John Freil            Mick Doidge          GIbby Gibson           Derek Cox          Gerry Barson

                                                           Fred Barter              Tim Peek                  Dan Gurney                      John Bray

                                    Brian Duquemin        Mike Brookes                     ?                       Jock Adams               Brian de la Mare





                                    Dennis Williams  Pooch Laidler  Bronco Lane  Yorky Whyke  Nick Nicholas  Harry Harris

                                    Gee Jessup  Dave Stickells  Zonk Knox  Baldy Baldwin  Twinkle Starr Maverick Nicholls

                                    Chris Joyner  Jock McCracken  Cpl Cross  Colin Ferrier  Bud Wilson  Pancho Rodenhurst




                                                                             Supplied by Peter Bull  ITF?




                                                Dennis Williams                      Yorky Whyke           Pancho Rodenhurst



                   Curly Baker  Twinkle Starr  Dennis Williams  Bud Wilson Dave Stickells  Andy Cooper  Pancho Rodenhurst

                                                                                     Reg Buckland


                                       Shaun Molloy  Tony Scott  Mike Clayton  Pete Brown  Mike Powley  Mike Howorth

                                                                                      Butlins Filey 1961


                                                              Mike Powley  Mike Howarth  Shaun Molloy


                                                                                   Butlins Filey 1961



                                                                                      Outside the Band Hut 1962

                                        Doug Carrol  J.Appleyard  Pancho Rodenhurst  Tony Scott  Paddy Cowan  Dave Gash 

                                                                                             Keith Dance (rear view)

                                                         Tom Brown  Nobby Whitling  Dennis Williams  Mike Reynolds

                                                                       Curly Baker  Colin Ferrier  Reg Buckland



                                                                                           Graduation Day

                                                        Curly Baker                         Dennis Williams













                                  Window Dedication 2                


                            50th Reunion   50th of Graduation    2013 Triennial  Alrewas






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