93rd Entry  R.A.F.Halton


                                            Dedication Weekend

          The dedication weekend started on the Saturday night with a buffet dinner in the 

          High Wycombe British legion. The dinner was attended by 19 apprentices and 17

          partners, the following photos show what a good time was had by all.



                                         Helen & Phil Mitchell          Paul & Yvonne Dickinson




                        Denis Williams  Clive Penton  Colin Ferrier  Ian Maxey  Jenny Maxey  Peggy Ferrier  Janet Williams



                    Marlene Emmett  Dave Emmett  Sally Dance  Keith Dance  Paul Dickinson  Yvonne Dickinson 



                    Chris Joyner  Claire Joyner  Louise Philip  Norrie Philip  Gwen Holguette  Peter Holguette



                             Mike Powley  Angela Clayton  Mike Clayton  Dianne Powley  Orvel Carroll  Doug Carroll



                                     Jenny Gash  Dave Gash  Kate Barnard  Pete Barnard  Colin Ferrier



                                             Pete Barnard  Colin Ferrier  Chris Wilcox  Jean Wilcox



                                                                    Neville and Jane Ward




                                  Window Dedication 2                


                            50th Reunion   50th of Graduation    2013 Triennial  Alrewas







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