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                                                              50th Reunion

                     The 50th anniversary of joining R.A.F.Halton Reunion was held on the 17th to 19th September 2009.  On Thursday 17th

                     we met at the Western Valley Hotel Ironbrdge and had a casual dinner. Then on Friday morning the ex apprentices went to

                     the current No1 School of Technical Training R.A.F. Cosford  where we had a formal introduction of the modern training scheme

                     and a tour of the various trade workshops. Friday afternoon we collected our partners and travelled to the historic Victorian Town 

                     of Blists Hill. Saturday morning was taken up with a visit to the Cosford museum followed by a buffet lunch. We then moved

                     on to the Mount Hotel Wolverhampton and that evening had a formal dinner.

                     Finally we must thank Dennis Williams for organising the reunion and Ian Maxey for arranging the visit at R.A.F.Cosford.










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                                                                                                                     RAF Cosford Visit




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